Day 9 – Mytleford to Bairnsdale via Mount Buffalo, Bright, Bogong, Falls Creak, Omeo, Cassilis, Swifts Creek and Bruthen

We enjoyed a great bacon and egg roll at the Mytleford Bakery before Brad, Ruth, Ros and I set off on our two bikes on a clear cool morning. Brad had suggested we ride to the top of Mount Buffalo to enjoy the spectacular views to be had on such a clear day.

The old Chalet

We wound our way up the mountain around what seemed like hundreds of tight bends before we wheeled into the Historic Mount Buffalo Chalet near the top which was established in 1937. It was undergoing yet another round of renovations so we were unable to check it out inside.

The views to be had at the lookout in front of the Chalet were fantastic.

Part of the great view

Brad, Ros and Ruth checking out the great views

We continued on our upward ride for a short intending to ride to the top but the road turned into a gravel track and I declined to take our 300Kg brute any further up this road so we turned around and wound our way back down again. On both the up and downward trip we shared the narrow winding road with cyclists and runners who were in the midst of some organised event.

Once back down we headed through Bright and took the road to Mount Beauty so we could travel through Bogong and Falls Creek on the fairly recently sealed road. This was another great experience albeit it constantly winding and twisting up and down through the mountains with both our bikes spending most of the time in 2nd and 3rd gear as we threaded our way around the never ending bends.

Part of the road down Mount Buffalo

We had planned to stop at Bogong for lunch but their only establishment was closed so we wound our way along to the ski resort of Halls Creek for a nice but rather pricey lunch.

We headed off from Falls Creek to Omeo where we had a rest stop and fuelled up at their rather chaotic Card operated bowsers before taking the back road via Cassilis to Brad and Ruth’s loverly house at Bairnsdale. I felt like we had negotiated more tight bends today than we had done on the entire trip. A very enjoyable although tiring ride. A highlight of this last stretch was that our dear old bike passed the 100,000 km mark on the speedo.

We enjoyed a great dinner with Brad and Ruth prior to my falling asleep on their lounge suggesting we had better turn in.

Unfortunately, Ruth had to go to work in the morning but Brad had arranged a RDO to ride with us some of the way.

Bye for now

R & D