Day 4 – Wodonga Vic to Barham NSW via Rutherglen, Yarrawonga, Echuca and Cohuna

Heavy rain greeted us this morning forcing us to commandeer a nearby carport to enable us to load up out of the downpour. The owner returned whilst loading was proceeding and good-naturedly sanctioned our unauthorised use of her carport.

After a short hop in the rain to the nearby Maccas for breakfast, we headed down the Hume Freeway in very heavy rain prior to turning west off the Freeway toward Rutherglen. The 100k ride to Yarrawonga via Rutherglen was  shocker with 80km/hr max possible speed in the atrocious conditions although a semi trailer had no trouble passing us at 100k+ presumedly helped by his far better view of the road ahead.

After we left Yarrawonga the rain started to ease as we rode toward Cobram and had cleared completely by the time we reached our lunch stop of Echuca. By this time the temperature had soared to a sticky 30c. We chose to suffer the hot conditions and ride on in our wet weather togs rather than take them off and go to the trouble to pack them away. Just as well, as we passed through the little burg of Gunbower, enroute to Cohuna, we copped another downpour out of an otherwise fine sky. It only lasted for 10 minutes or so but enough for us to justify putting up with the heat and keeping our wetties on. It soon fined up again as we headed toward Barham crossing the Murray via their Historic bridge into NSW to check into our motel around 3.30pm.

The Historic Barham Bridge across the Murray River. Currently undegoing renovations

We took a pleasant walk along the banks of the Murray before walking next door to the Services Club for dinner.

350km again today, about half of it in rather trying conditions the other half proved to be very pleasant, albeit mostly pretty straight roads.

The unusual Town Clock in the centre of Barham NSW

Tomorrow, we are heading toward the Grampians hopefully skirting the bad weather currently hammering Melbourne and surrounds :o)

Bye for now

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