Day 3 – Cooma NSW to Wodonga Victoria via Jindabyne, Thredbo, Khancoban and Corryong

A foggy start from Cooma

Here we are in Wodonga after another great ride today. We set out from Cooma this morning in a fog which cleared almost as soon as we left town and set off on the Alpine Way toward Jindabyne across the open tableland country. This featured lots of long enjoyable sweeping bends in a modestly cool sunny morning. Great riding!. The open country gave way to a continuously winding road as we wound our way up and down the various mountains before swinging around a bend to a panoramic view of Lake Jindabyne in all its glory below.

Jindabyne Lake

We continued our winding ride after a brief call into Thredbo which proved uninviting to the casual passing visitor. The road narrowed considerably requiring pretty diligent riding for the next hour or so until we finally arrived at the small burg of Khancoban for lunch. I bravely accepted the offer of a ” Snowy Mountains wrap” at Shano’ s takeaway. This proved to contain two fried eggs, lots of bacon, tomato, lettuce and lots of other runny stuff that dribbled out the bottom. On balance though, it was great and definitely to be tried if you are in the area but would definitely not be classed as a ” light” lunch.

An interesting cloud formation over Tallangatta

We pushed on into Victoria just before Corryong with the country opening out considerably as we moved away from the Great Divide and on to Tallangatta where we took a break beside the huge Hume Lake. We then motored the remaining 40 Km into Wodonga just skirting around a violent thunderstorm we saw perking away off our near front right quarter.

Murray 1 Power Station 10 Km East of Khancoban

We checked into our Motel at around 3.30pm and toddled the huge 30 metres to the adjoining pub to enjoy our ” Seniors Special” evening meal. It was nice that they asked us to actually show our Seniors card before they would give us the deal (It must not have been obvious or that is what we like to think anyway :o))

Oh, in case you are wondering, I had the lambs fry and bacon and Ros had the Ham steak with pineapple. It all balanced out in the end though. When buying a couple of glasses of their house Chardonnay I was asked, ” do you want the 150ml or the 250ml size”. (Well I mean to say, what a question to ask a couple of wino’s from NSW !!.) That will be $20 sir!!!
Ouch!!! lesson learnt.
I guess, as they say, there in no such thing as a cheap dinner! or something like that. A comfortable and very enjoyable 340Km for the day.

Tomorrow we will sort of track the border all the way to our destination of Barham in NSW (just) although we will spend most of the day in Victoria.

Bye for now R & D