Day 21 (our final day) – Bathurst to home

David and I recovered our bikes from the hotel lockup this morning at 7.30am and brought them round to the front of the hotel so we could load up prior to having our hotel provided breakfast ($80 per night for ensuite rooms including breakfast and a great restaurant, we can thoroughly recommend the George Hotel in Bathurst!).

We fuelled up for the day and headed out of Bathurst in a chilly 9c. We had decided to make our last day as interesting as possible so we turned off at Bathurst and took the narrow little back road that followed the railway, crossing it at least 10 time during the 35 Km trip via a succession of wooden bridges, level crossings or narrow underpasses to the village of Tarana. The road was one lane wide for most of the trip and the surface was very poor on the best bits and went down hill from there for the rest.

The early morning rural and hilly countryside was absolutely beautiful and well worth travelling along this the second class road.

We has planned to stop for coffee at Tarana but neither of the only two establishments in town (the Pub and the Coffee Shop) were open so we headed for Lithgow via some more great winding and narrow roads, past Lake Lyell to a great little coffee shop in the centre of Lithgow. We were a bit taken back when David deposited Sue on the footpath then promptly swung his bike across the road driving the onto the footpath into the middle of a pedestrian plaza. The few passing pedestrians were unamused!. I gritted my teeth and followed suit with David offering the explanation “Oh don’t worry, I have done that heaps of times before!”.

We enjoyed our obscenely large morning “snacks” and coffee before we mounted up for the last time to head up the Bells Line of Road to our starting point at the BP Servo at Kurmond arriving there at around 11.30am.

We made it! Back where we started three weeks ago at the Kurmond BP Servo

We made it!
Back where we started three weeks ago at the Kurmond BP Servo

Apart from the countless travel highlights other highlights that made our trip so great were the lunch time catering organised by Sue and David the fantastic planning and organising done by my Darling wife Ros who researched and planned all our overnight stops with military precision benefitting the four of us with first class accommodation and meals at the right place, the right price and the right time every night without fail.

Of course we can’t forget the two wonderful Hondas (equipped with those brilliant Michelin RP4 tyres)  which both performed faultlessly for the entire trip. Thank you Mr Honda!

We travelled exactly 10,010 kilometres over the twenty one days and we all enjoyed every day and every kilometre of the trip.

Believe it or not we are all still the best of friends in spite of our twenty one days of travelling together and close living!

Perth Route

Signing off for the final time (until our next trip)

Dick, Ros, David and Sue


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  1. Thank you for the great descriptions and photos. I have loved your journey.

    Welcome home.

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