On the countdown

The time is looming up and we are starting to get serious about our planning. We bought a GPS device the other day called a Spot Messenger to help us keep in touch during some of the more remote sections of the trip. It is a neat device that enables us to send  4 different, pre-programmed messages at the push of a button from virtually anywhere in Australia to up to 10 nominated email/Mobile phones via satellite. The messages range from “All ok” to “SOS”. We certainly hope we don’t have to use the last one but it is nice to know it is there just in case.

We are heading off on a test run in three weeks time to attend the OZSTOC ( http://www.ozstoc.com.au) Annual National Rally in Middleton SA. We plan to do the 3,000km round trip in 7 days including the  couple of days hobnobbing with the 60 or so other Honda ST nuts who coming from every state and territory. This is our planned route.http://goo.gl/maps/sAsVC

Ros and Dick